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Ju Violeta

west and east mailrooms

How much has São Paulo influenced your art?

All that we live is inspiration. To be born, grow up, and live in São Paulo influenced me in several ways. First of all, its cultural and artistic diversity, especially urban art. I have an opportunity to use urban art as a mass media to express myself when I paint on the streets of São Paulo. I always say that everything I love and everything I ever want to see is where my inspiration comes from and the metropolis that is SP brings it daily, especially in the peripheries where communication is necessary.

Many of your subjects have moths or butterflies covering their eyes. What does it represent?

I have a strong connection with animals and nature. The first character I did with something in its eyes was the Guardian, whose drawer with plants asks us to look at nature and open our eyes to the environment. The insects came in sequence. I have frequent dreams with these beings; they represent a rebirth and a transmutation in several aspects. The insect women are the representation of our searches, transformation, and freedom.

How did you create the ideas for your Guild paintings?

I followed a path of ideas that I have already done, but painting big screens inspired me to put more details into the works as I imagined her [the subject] in the lofts.