Meet the talented artists featured at Guild.

Jessie & Katey

main lobby

"We both have bold, loud personalities. We love big impact, high contrast work. It just fits us. We are kind of bold and in your face."

Arlin Graff


"I love the different colors within the mural; they represent diversity. I also was inspired by the Bauhaus style of the building – the clean lines are reflected in my work."

Artemis Herber


"I studied and was trained in Germany, so I’m familiar with Bauhaus. It was natural to put my mindset into the expectations of Guild’s design concept."

Ju Violeta

west and east mailrooms

"I have a strong connection with animals and nature. The first character I did with something in its eyes was the Guardian, whose drawer with plants asks us to look at nature and open our eyes to the environment."



"I am so thankful to be given such a beautiful rooftop location to share my art. While on the roof I was immersed in life. I soaked in beautiful views of the Anacostia River."